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Labeling Equipment

Labeling is a crucial step in the bottling process as it provides essential information such as branding, product details, barcodes, and regulatory information to consumers and facilitates inventory management. There are various types of labeling equipment used in bottling production, each catering to specific labeling needs and bottle types.

Labeling equipment plays a significant role in ensuring the accuracy, consistency, and aesthetics of bottled products. The choice of labeling equipment depends on factors such as the type of bottles, labeling requirements, production volume, and the specific features needed for the products being labeled.

Automatic Labeling Machines

Automatic labeling machines come in various types, each designed to fulfill specific labeling requirements for different products, containers, and industries. Here are some common types of automatic labeling machines:

  • Pressure-Sensitive Label Applicators

  • Wraparound Labeling Machines

  • Front and Back Labeling Machines

  • Top and Bottom Labeling Machines

  • Sleeve Labeling Machines

  • Print and Apply Labeling Machines

  • Front-Back-Wrap Labeling Machines

  • High-Speed Labeling Machines

  • Pallet Labeling Machines

  • Carton Labeling Machines

  • Cylindrical Container Labeling Machines

  • Front-Back-Wrap-Seal Labeling Machines

The type of automatic labeling machine chosen depends on the specific labeling requirements, product characteristics, production volume, and industry standards. Automatic labeling machines enhance efficiency, accuracy, and consistency in labeling processes, contributing to the overall quality of packaged products.

Automatic Adhesive Sticker Labeling Machines

An Automatic Adhesive Sticker Labeling Machine is a type of industrial equipment designed to automatically apply adhesive labels (also known as stickers) onto products or containers with precision and consistency. These machines are commonly used in various industries such as pharmaceuticals, food and beverages, cosmetics, and consumer goods, where labeling is a crucial part of the packaging process. The primary purpose of an automatic adhesive sticker labeling machine is to streamline the labeling process, improve efficiency, and ensure accurate and uniform label placement.

Automatic adhesive sticker labeling machines offer benefits such as improved labeling accuracy, reduced labor costs, increased production efficiency, and enhanced product appearance. They come in various configurations to accommodate different label sizes, product shapes, and labeling requirements. The choice of machine depends on factors like the type of products being labeled, production volume, labeling complexity, and customization needs.

Hot Glue Labeling Machines

Hot glue labeling machines are a type of industrial equipment used to apply labels to products, containers, or packaging using a specialized adhesive, typically a hot melt glue or cold glue. These machines offer an alternative labeling method to pressure-sensitive labeling, where labels are applied using pressure-sensitive adhesives.

Hot glue labeling machines are commonly used in industries such as beverages, food, and cosmetics. They are suitable for labeling glass bottles, plastic containers, cans, and more. However, it's important to note that while hot glue labeling provides strong adhesion, it may not be as suitable for products with high aesthetic requirements or for labeling products with delicate surfaces.


The choice between hot glue and pressure-sensitive labeling depends on factors such as the type of products, labeling requirements, production volume, and specific adhesive characteristics needed for the labeling application.

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